Hipp Baby Fennel Tea  15x0.36g, 5.4g

Hipp Baby Fennel Tea 15x0.36g, 5.4g

Brand: Hipp
SKU: H7632
UPC: 4062300277632

Hipp Baby Fennel Tea is particularly mild and pleasant. It besteht of 100% high-quality fennel extract.  This herbal tea has well proven itself in the baby's diet.

Best quality for your infant:

- without addition of sugar (ingredients naturally contain sugar)
- without the addition of artificial flavors, colors and preservatives
- without the addition of dairy products
- made of 100% fennel extract
- tooth friendly tested
- gluten free
- from the first week: For additional fluid intake if Necessary (sweating, Increased fluid loss)
after the 4th month: As a thirst quencher within the supplementary diet as needed.


Fill 3:38 fl.oz / 6.76 fl.oz drinking-warm (approx. 98.6 ° F), freshly boiled water in a bottle or a cup. Add powdered tea of the sachet and stir briefly.


Bio-fennel extract.

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