Hela Martha Curry Spice Original Ketchup 800ml

Hela Martha Curry Spice Original Ketchup 800ml

Brand: Hela
SKU: H8141
UPC: 4027400188141

All that gladly like a bit sharper, will be sharply impressed by Hela Curry Spice Ketchup. With its spicy curry touch it brings a pleasant sharpness in every dish. Meat, sausages, fries and more replaced by the spicy sauce that certain something.

  • Tomato based pre-spiced Ketchup
  • Superior taste defined by selected herds andspices like pepper, chili and sweet pepper
  • Created in 1963 - Loved since


Tomato juice, sugar, cooking salt, curry (mustard powder, pepper, paprika, chillis, cloves, spices), brandy vinegar, modified corn starch, acidifier: citric acid, thickening agent: (guar gum, carob gum), herbs (e.g. celery), acid regulator: sodiumlactate, sapidity agent: sodium glutamate.

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